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Having a tough time coming up with what to put in your studio's General Liability Waiver? Use our free template and change out what you need. It's a good place to start for Yoga, Pilates, GROOVE or any fitness studio.


*please note that this is only a guideline and you should always get your own document looked over by a lawyer. Pixel Sweatshop is not responsible for any errors and omissions in the containing document.


y.chich's picture
y.chich (not verified) on
There's no form! What a tease.
Pixel Sweatshop's picture
Pixel Sweatshop on

Click the big pink download button. There is a docx form there.

Jai Rhodes's picture
Jai Rhodes (not verified) on
When you click the pink button, you get a page not found message. bummer
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Pixel Sweatshop on

Try it again. It woks on our end but I have reuploaded it just in case.

DrSues's picture
DrSues (not verified) on
Thank you!! I am new to this, so this is very helpful. One question, is there a general rule of how long to keep these on file, once a student stops classes or private lessons?
Pixel Sweatshop's picture
Pixel Sweatshop on

It is suggested to keep it on file permenently.


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